(Released: Jun 24, 1994)
Moser Baer

Inspector Amar (Mithun Chkraborty) is famous in the police force as a CHEETAH due to his ferociousness, brute strength and the tenacity to stick to his prey. His father DCP Rajeshwar (Goga Kapoor) belongs to an illustrious family, who has served the country since long, being in the police force. The have a family friend Kedar Nath (Raza Murad) whose only daughter Anita (Ashwini Bhave) set to become a doctor, is in love with Amar. Both of them have dreamt about the future and are planning to get married but their hopes and ambitions are shattered when Rajeshwar tells Amar that he has given his word of honour to his dead colleague, who had saved his life in an encounter at the cost of his own, that Amar would marry his daughter Rajani (Shika Swaroop). Amar, in respect of fathers word bows to his wishes and sacrifices his love. A broken hearted Anita walks away from Amars life. He in fact a business partner of Jaimal (Prem Chopra), a criminal who indugles in all kinds of illegal activities but specialises in smuggled arms, Rajeswhar comes to know of Kedar Naths involvement in illegl deals and facing him with the facts wants to know about the others but is killed by Jaimla and his men. A hurt and enraged Amar, goes on a rampage to get the killer of his father but the finger of suspicion points at no one. . Time passes and then thru a criminal who owed Amar a debt, he comes to know of Kedar Naths involvement in the murder of his father, Amar goes after the culprit but in a master move Jaimal kills Kedar Nath and puts the blame on Amar, who as a result is suspended from the police force. Amar sticks on to the case due to his tenacious qualities and the persistance pays off when he is able to track down and photograph Jaimal admitting his various crimes in front of his companions. . Jaimal comes to know of this video tape, which could destroy him, so his killers raid Amars house and his mother, his wife and he himself falls down in the hail of bullets. All are pronounced dead. But a shadow of life persists in Amar, which his friend Sher Singh (Gulshan Grover) hides from the others. Amar is dead for the world and his enemies but lives in a coma, bereft of senses, still breathing and just alive. He lives in a remote hospital, unknown and still for five years, visited occasionally by his benefactor and only friend Sher Singh-till one day Anita comes to the hospital as a doctor and is shocked to see Amar alive, who she had thorught dead, Her world revives and hopes of the future surge in her. With love and care she brings him back to conssiousness and he gains his sense, The nearly dead has come back and the CHEETAH is re-born, The mighty hunter is alive as powerful and vicious as before and his prey is Jaimal, the destroyer of his family.

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