Toofan Men Pyar Kahan

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Shamoo is a driver of Tiwari, a smuggler. Being a good man at heart, Shamoo hates Tiwari for his nefarious activities. He would have left his employment long ago-but Shamoo had promised Lamo's dying husband that he would take good care to Lamoo and her child. Years have passed and he has always treated Lamo, a Tibetian girl- as his own sister and helped her to start her Inn for the Tibetian traders. And for this every Tibetian holds Shamoo in high esteem and Tiwari reaps the harvest. Every caravan coming to Rongfu Bazar stops at Lamo Inn and sells their wool to Tiwari. Shamoo was returning that night from Peso, he saved Shanta from goons. As manager of tea plantation, where she was working was after her, Shanta had no place to go. So, she pleades Shamoo to help her. Shamoo gives her shelter for the night. To Shanta this was godsent. She was brought to Peso by Raimohan with the false promise of marriage. He left her and went to Tibet. Shanta watches the gratitude that the so called bad man goes to sleep in the garage asking her to lock the connecting door. Next morning Shanta gives an impression to Tiwari that she is Shamoo's wife. Tiwari believes her but not Pema Dolma, the Tibetian girl who runs the tearoom for Tiwari. She is madly in love with Shamoo. Shamoo gets furious when he hears this. Shanta pleads and explains that there was no other alternative for her. So Shamoo has to act the role of a husband. Only Lamo knows their secret and she prevails upon Shamoo to marry Shanta and ultimately succeeds. Shamoo goes to talk to Shanta but she was out. The letter of Raimohan folls in his hand. Goddness! He has no right propose to Shanta. He love her but Shanta apprently loves Raimohan. The only thing left to him now is to find Raimohan and unite the lovers. That night Shanta waits anxiously for Shamoos return. Lamo has told her that Shamoo wants to marry her. And Shammoo arrives with Raimohan and tells him to make-up with Shanta and lerves them together. Shanta turns Raimohan out. But next morning before Shanta finds an opportunity to explain everything, Shamoo leaves Rongfu Bazar with Prema Dolma little knowing that Raimohan and Tiwari are old friends. They sit and conspire to send Shanta across the border for a big profit. Lamo hides Shanta but she is no match for Tiwari and Raimohan. Bahadur and Kancha go in search of Shamoo and Pande and Dulu inform the police while the jeep with Tiwari and Raimohan races to the border with thier prize-captive Shanta.

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