(Certified: Oct 14, 1960)
Moser Baer
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About 2,500 years ago in capital city of Shravasti a son was born to the Raj Purohit. The astrologers predicted that the child would grow up into a gerocious killer and would bring untold miseries to all. The wise men advised the king to kill the child.But the King allowed the child to live. He named the child AHINSAK- The Non Violent and took personal interest in his proper upbringing. At the eighth birthday of Princess Maya, both the father and the daughter were pleased to see Ahinsak there the most humble and well-behaved and intelligent among all the childern present Maya was attracted by him. The other boys, maruti(son of Chief Minister) Dhanpal(son of wealthy merchant),Krishna(their foolish friends) and others felt jealous of Ahinsak. The Acharya took all the boys to Gurukul for further studies. Eleven years passed in studies. Unable to complete with him in studies, the other boys started making standalous remarks about his relations with the Gurumata. Ahinsak again met Princess Maya when she came near the Gurukul for a hunting expedition. The friendship of the childhood days now developed into adult love and Ahinsak spent some wonderful moments in her company. Maruti, who was thinking that he would marry Princess one day, tried to "finish off" Ahinsak in many ways but failed. In desperation he poisoned the ears of Guruji by making false allegations regarding Ahinsak and Gurumata. On the very day he was scheduled to leave Gurukul, Guruji got furious on his pupil said that the astrologers predictions would come true and Ahinsak will become a killer,a " Hinsak"! Later, when Dhanpal made the false allegations against Ahinsak to his face, he could not control himself anymore and killed Dhanpal on the spot. From that day the society banished him, his own parents closed on him the doors of their home, the friends shunned him, the king put a price on his head. Ahinsak was driven to the jungles where he made friends with the animals and began to hate all men. He started killing ruthlessly and to keep count of his killings wore a gruesome necklace of human fingers-the angulimal around his neck. He had pledged to kill a thousand men. He was one short of thew targert. At long last he was about to raise his hands against a person in the darkness of night-not knowing that she was his mother who had been wandering in the jungles for years in search of her son. At that time a Divine Figure appeared and stopped the thousandth murder of his life. The last killing was not of a human being but of the beast in himself. That was Lord Budda, the apostle of peace, non-violence love and compassion, who releaved him and brought back in him faith and love for all living beings.

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