Tarzan & Delilah

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Life is a game of luck, and luck is a game of life. When a sister of a friend rapped by a friend, the doctor brother kidnapped the daughter of the friend to make her mad by an injection to take the revenge of his sister who, after being bachelor mother had gone mad but fortunately a drunkard Fernades came in the secret den of the doctor and saved the girl Sunanda and ran away from there. . They got a boat near a Sea-Shore to escape but a cyclone broke down and the boat drawned but both were thrown to the shore of an unknown island whre the love Tarzan & Delilah was being developed. . Zippy saw them on the bank of the sea and brought Tarzan here to save them. When they came in concious the jungle tribe arrested them all and took away to the queen of Jungle Lali who wanted to marry Tarzan and his brother Rozem was interested in Princess Delilah, who was in the prison of their mother, a magician Lady who had kidnapped her for her son but when Delilah saw Tarzan in the Jungle through the window of the prison she lost her heart and started loving him madly. Voice of Delilah always attracted Tarzan but he could no get in, as there was a magic door. . When Delilah came to know the fact of this magic prison thorugh the speaking flower statues of the kidnapped princess that if the blood of a pious and bachelor young man would fall upon these walls, the magic power could be vanished, she wounded Tarzan by an arrow and called him inside through her voice. . Tarzans boold touched the door and was no more the magic power. He came inside and freed all girls and took away Delilah with him to his nest. . This made the queen and her brother Rozem more angry and they had not leave any stone unturned to arrest and finish them, but all the time there was a great adventure and danger was over powered. . At last they threw Tarzan in the place of hungry lions but Zippy again saved his life then Rozem planned to blind Sunanda but Fernandes and his jungle beloved Lali, with the help of Delilah in the disguise of snakes and surpants made their plan upset but ultimately they were recognised and arrested. . Now there was nobody to help them and queen put a proposal before Sunanda to kill Delilah in the dance which she accepted but in the end of the song she stapped the queen of Jungle.

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