Zulm Ki Pukar

(Certified: Sep 1, 1979)
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Hindustan Co Op. Ltd. is a gianitc industrial complex ..a world of its own... a society with all the aspects, the good, the bad... the loved oppression also. When tyranny and oppression exceeds its limit there is cry from the soul of the oppressed. Zulm Ki Pukar is the cry of those poor innocent workers of HCL which shattered the sky and existence of Ranjan (Kishore Kapoor), who was the brother of the then Chairman of HCL, Malti Devi (Shashikala). . The voice of the workers was on Pager Bharat Express whose editor was Sasyaprakash (A.K.Hangal) and Shivani (Ranjeeta) was its informer.. . Ranjan and his associates wanted to set the complete industrial complex to thier time, they tried to palnt their own stooge as the Union Leader. But the right proved stronger than the might.. an ordinary worker emerged as the new leader.. and this worker was (Parikshat Sahani). . Vishal raised his voice for the workers asking for fair deals to their demands Ranjan and party could not face the truth in Vishals voice therefore they made arrangements of his might. Kalandar (Amjad Khan) was his Ustad. Together they crushed the attackers. . This defeat to Ranjan did not deter him. On the contrary, inflamed him to further rash and foolish attempt as withdrawing the right of the workers representatives in the board meetings increasing the Educati- onal fees to illiteracy. Burning down the office of Bharat Express workers paper, which had been the voice of the workers. . Each of these attempts were made futile by Vishal and Kalandar with the help of Shivani who inspite of working for the management, stood for the just and rights of humanity. . Defeat turned the management into an `Animal Farm its members into wretched God forsaken dirty animals, terrists. They finally took the ultimate step of selling out the complete complex to foreigners to crush the economy of the community only for their personal gains. . The conflict which stareted as workers against the management, now became workers against Traitors of the contry. The fight for the industry became the fight for the country every worker stood up as soldier to fight the re-emerging forces of autocracy.

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