(Certified: Apr 5, 1991)
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I am Shashi. I was on a very high post in bank; but the lust for money and the wrong friendship of Mansukh & Tansukh had put me on the wrong path of life. I had a small happy family comprising my wife and two children. My son Anil was always infatuated by the last of a car He would always demand in analogy with our neighbour showing that neighbours son Kirit always goes to school by car. I never had ground of sufficient reasoning taht there is a difference of class in the society and in which we can never afford to have a car. Mansukh & Tansukh close friends of mine were more helpful for my deteriment than for my betterment. They were Mansukh & Tansukh who taught me to steal at home and such other major vices. Mansukh Tansukh & Bachuseth gave me the idea of reverting the figures such as converting from 6 to 9 and showed me the short cut away to become rich. I did so and committed robbery in the Bank where I was working. I purchased a car and on the way when I went to pick up my children from the school; death bid its cold hands on my son. My son met with an accident. It was with my car itself. The disaster had already strucked my life. When my wife wanted me to convince her about the source of money which i had brought; I tried to deceive her by telling lies. She was through convinced about the source when Police knocked at my doors but by such time I had already lost my son Anil. I was convicted for TEN YEARS. Thus leaving my wife and daughter to battle alone in life. . My wife came to see me in jail. We met. We Wept. Suffering from the tribulation of life my wife got frustrated and ultimately became the victim of fate. Vidya got lost in the tide of the time. No body knew anything about her whereabouts. Tansuk took advantage of this and announced to the world that she committed suicide. Being a woman she must have engulfed in the wrangles of the world. . After TEN YEARS of my fulfilling the term of imprisonment when I came out to the so called civilised world; I found that my daughter is brought up by Jamna Masi. People had branded Jamna Masi as TAWAYAF and also my daughter Lata too was branded being a TAWAYAF because she was reared up by a kind lady Jamna Masi whom people called her TaWAYAF Both knew each other and kept silence, allowed TIME to show its TIME. . The dawn sprang on the horizons to see the jusice of the judicial world. But..before the court would pronounce its judgement; I was no more in this world...

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