Ek Thi Reeta

(Certified: May 15, 1971)
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It all begins Madam Sunita and Madam Anita visit a hospital for charity. They meet a life convict named Mohanlal who has suffered a second heart attack. Feeling that his last hour has come, he reveals a secret to the two ladies that he has a daughter named Reeta, now in her last year in College, who is unaware of the fact that her father is a life convict. Reeta thinks herslef to be an orphan. Sunita Devi and Anita Devi go to the College and bring Reeta to their palatial house. Reeta is thrilled and happy to know that she has a home at last. Unfortunately, Madam Sunita and Madam Anita are the heads of a gang of smugglers. Renu and Rajan are their exective operators a ruthless pair. Reeta accidentally becomes aware of the true state of affairs but is made to believe that she has committed a murder. It is all contrived by the gang to blackmail her and have a hold on her. Meanwhile, Mohanlal has somehow recovered from his heart attack and is released from prison. He makes attempts to locate his daughter Reeta but to no avail. Reeta escapes and enters the premises of a big business form and is mistaken for the secretary sent for from the employment exchange. To her surprise she gets a job as secretary to Mr.Ravi Kumar, the General Manager of the firm. Seth Ramprasad, Ravi's boss, whose daughter NeelKamal is engaged to Ravi, instructs Ravi to go to another city to submit an urgent tander to a business magnet Mr.Diwan. Ravi is to take his new secretary Reeta along with him. On reaching their destination they are unable to find accomodation in any hotel. She manages to find a place for them to live in through an advertisement, but in different circumstances i.e. as a cook and bearer in the house of Mr.Diwan, the very person whom Ravi has come to contact for the tander. Neelkamal, Ravi's fiance, suspicious about the delay in Ravi's return comes with her father, Seth Ramprasad to Mr.Diwan's house to enquire about Ravi. A peculiar and hilarious situation arises with Ramprasad claiming Ravi as his General Manager and Mr.Diwan insisting that Ravi and Reeta are as his servants, married to each other.

Best of 70s