Aulad Ki Khatir

(Certified: May 26, 1989)
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Duttas is billionaire businessman. After years of his marriage, his wife does not produce a child for him. So he decided to get another marriage. Kamala makes an intrigue to resist her husband to get his second marriage. One day she tells her husband that she is pregnant. Kamalas mousi suports her in that conspiracy. . Paro is a widow maid servant of Mausi. She births a child after her husbands death. Mausi forces Paro to give her child to Kamal, convincing her that her son will get better education, better liking and bright future. Paro handovers her son to Kamala with promise that she will never expose this secret. . Incidentally, after one year, Kamala births her own son. Now the situation has changed. Kamala loves only her own son VIjay and neglects Parons son Ajay, Paro feels it very much, but she is quite helpless. . Vijay is notorious student in the college. He flirts with a girl named Rupa and blames his elder broher Ajay for his shameful deed. Hearing this Dutta takes out his pistol and shoots Ajay. Paro cannot tolerate this and she exposes the secret, that Ajay is her own son. Dutta and Ajay got very much shocked. Ajay quits the bungalow with his mother Paro. . Rupa comes to Vijay and tells him that she is going to be mother of his child. Vijay does not accept her and pushes her out of his bungalow. Seth Dharamdas takes Rupa to his resident. At there Rupa births a child. . Asha is a beloved of Ajay. But the restrictions of poverty and richness do not allow them to their marriage. Ajay helps Seth Dharamdas from bandits in an incident. Seth Dharamdas offers him for the post of his manager. One day he comes to know tht Ajay is his own son. But Ajay and his mother Paro are unknown from the liveliness of Ajays father. Because of some problems Seth Dharamdas is unable to tell his realty to his son and his wife. . Vijay wastes his all property in gambling and drinking. So Dutta has become a debts of millions. An auction of his only saved bungalow has been declared by the court.

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