Taxi Chor

(Released: Aug 29, 1980)
Moser Baer

Captian Bhavani Prasad was going to Kochin in his car. With him were his wife, his daughter Ranjana and two twin sons, Rajesh and Reetesh. It was a golden opportunity for Shamsher to settle old account with Captian Bhavani Prasad. He started showering bullets. The Captian was killed in the encounter. In bid to escape others got seperated. Ranjana was picked up by a nun. Rajesh and Reetesh were picked up by an inspector of police and a street singer respectively. Fifteen years elapsed. Brijesh, inspectors son became Sub-Inspector of police, Rajesh a taxi thief. Though not intentionally, Rajesh committed a murder. The duty to apprehend him was entrusted to Brijesh. Rajesh fled away to Bombay. By the help of a wig and moustache he was a different Rajesh. Accidently he met Mr. Sajjan, a reputed smuggler and soon became his favourite. Reetesh had become a famous singer Ruby, his neighbour and beloved was Secretary to Miss Kiran, the lovely daughter of Sajjan. She was very fond of drama and was running a theatre. Kiran relented by the persistent request of Ruby and promised to give chance to Reetesh in her coming drama. Rajesh was one of the spectators of the drama, Rajesh was extremely happy to know that Reetesh resembled him. He phoned the police. Reetesh was arrested with the conviction that he was Rajesh. But the mistake was soon rectified and Reetesh was released. What a irony? The mother collided against her own sons car (Rajesh) and fainted. Rosaline, the run (her own daughter) removed her to the church. After a week she was appointed as a lady servant at Sajjans place. The old woman used to visit Rosaline. One day while coming from the church she was baffled to see a man who was entering the church. The man was also astonished to see the old woman. He was Shamsher, Captians murderer who had fled to Bombay and assumed a new name-Anthony. Anthony sent for Rajesh and asked to kill the old woman. Relutanty Rajesh agreed. It was a deserted place. Rajesh was after the old woman the old woman crying for help. Reetesh reached the place. Fight ensued and lo! The old woman came to know that Rajesh and Reetesh were her own sons.

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