Naag Devtaa

(Certified: Jan 27, 1981)
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Nagarsheth and Shethani Roopwati were blessed by everything, but child they were very sorry for. . One day they were insulted by the king by the insult sheth was too much disturbed and decided not to worship Naag Devta (their kuldevta) any more. Sheths munim poonja wanted to be nagarsheth he betred the sheth. He polsed the ears of sheth and sheth ordered shethani Roopa to leave the house. . Roopa went straight to Naag Devta temple. Naag Devta blessed Roopa she will be the mother but warned that is sheth was not to be informed regardings this blessings. Munim poonja with the hired man attacked sheth with the intension to kill him but Naag Devta saved sheth and took him shethanis hut and cleared the misunderstanding too. Sheth and Roopa returned and poonja was driven out permently and in due course shethani gave birth to female child. Butthis created the misunderstanding, sheth though child was Roopas sin, and in trantion took the child and threw it. . Naag Devta saved the child, but sheth went mad. Poonja with evil spirit made shethani to forget her past and was said she was the servant of the house. . Shethanis child was found by the group of vadis. They took her with them, and was grown up among them. And was named Tejal, and years passed, one day Gopal Tejals brothers heard the scream and rushed, and saw that Rajkumari, Ratna was bittin by snake Gopal saved Ratna, and this was celebrated by king. . Tejal wanted to attend the festival but mother refused Naag Devta came to the rescue and poor Tejpal attended the function in disguise. Nobody recognised her. But while leaving she dropped her ornament there, which was found by Rajkumar Suraj. Suraj picked ornament to trace Tejal, and by the worship of Naag Devta they met and fell in love. . But Poonja wanted his daughter to marry kumar Suraj and vadi Lalia wanted to marry Tejal. They planned to stop and according poised the ears of the king. Who ordered Tejal father to marry to Laila but that night the huts were fired and marriage was cancelled. Naag Devta saved the vadis Suraj said to the king, if he would not allow this marriage with Tejal, he will leave the town forever.

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