Mar Mitenge 3

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The Story is about a common man who decides to abolish corruption altogether in the society at various levels. 15 Tahsildars are found missing and then the police find that 14 of them have been released after 3 days but one of them is killed. They find some files and a tape along with the body of the dead tahsildar. These files carry details of why the kidnap of the 15 tahsildars had been done and the reason for the murder of one of them and have the words ACF written on it. It is understood by the police that these men where the tahsildars who had indulged themselves in bribery and that they were the top 15 of the list of the corrupt tahsildars. ACF sends the tape, with the message that they shall continue the kidnap of the corrupt officers in all the departments and that the No.1 corrupt shall be sentenced to death according to the law of the Anti Corruption Force. ACF similarly kidnaps officials from PWD and Police department and kills the top corrupt official. There is fear among the corrupt officials. They come forward to file their returns. For a while there are no illegal transactions done, but the corruption soon continues in the society due to the threatening of the local mob to sign illegal documents and accept bribes. Meanwhile, the ACF finds that it is Vijayan who is the real reason behind this corruption scenario. Then the kidnapping continues. The case is investigated by group of several old aged senior level officials who are very slow moving in their progress. However an IPS passed guy who is working as constable takes up the case in order to get promotion in the department and moves ahead of those officials in a short time.He investigates the case starting with finding of the non-corrupt official in every government office assuming that official would have collected the information of other corrupt officers and passed it to ACF. He tries to figure out what is the common thing which unites them under one roof. He gradually finds out that they are alumni of National College and working for the ACF under their professor and the leader of the ACF, Professor Ramanaa. Ramana is a simple man who leads a simple life during day time along with his adopted kids. Looking like a timid character by looks but brave in terms of his action he is loved by all of his peers. Ramana once takes one of his kids to hospital for treating injury and finds that the hospital is place full of corruption who play with the lives of people for sake of money. Raman decides to expose the truth and catches them red-handedly by faking a dead body as a patient. The hospital unaware of his plans continue their treatment even though they know that the person is dead and demand lakhs of money for treatment. Ramana produces the documents and receipts related to their fake treatment and gets the hospital sealed by government. The hospital dean is arrested but he commits suicide. The father of the dean Bhadrinarayanan is enraged by this and attempts to take revenge on Ramana. He finds Ramana in the CCTV camera and is shocked as according to him he was dead several years ago.