Zed Plus

(Released: Nov 28, 2014)

Aslam Khan (Adil Hussain) runs a puncture repair shop in a village of Rajasthan. He lives with his wife, Hameeda (Mona Singh), and their little son. He is at loggerheads with his neighbour, Habib (Mukesh Tiwari), who is jealous of Aslam Khan because both the married men lust for the same woman in the village, Saeeda (Ekavali Khanna). Habib's wife, Fauzi-ya (Shivani Tanksale), only aggravates matters between Aslam and Habib.

The mosque in the village is being looked after by one person of Aslam Khan's very large family and when disputes over the sharing of income of the mosque arise in the family, the village panchayat rules that every family member would get to serve as the khadim of the dargah, for one day in a year. The dargah has immense following.

One day, the country's Prime Minister (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) himself decides to visit the dargah in a bid to save his government from collapsing. As luck would have it, Aslam Khan is scheduled to act as the khadim of the dargah, on that day. The Prime Minister, it may be mentioned here, can barely speak or understand Hindi, while Aslam Khan hardly knows a word of English, the language spoken by the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's officer on special duty, Dixit (K.K. Raina), translates the brief conversation between the two. Besides asking the Prime Minister to do the rituals, the innocent Aslam Khan also complains of how he feels threatened by his neighbour. While Aslam Khan is speaking about his neighbour, Habib, the Prime Minister misinterprets it as a threat to Aslam Khan from the neighbouring country, Pakistan. As the Prime Minister gets the news of a favourable court order, as soon as he sets foot in the dargah, he agrees to provide Z security to Aslam Khan, in a show of largesse.

Aslam Khan is bewildered with the security provided to him merely because of the threat he perceives from his neighbour. Inspector Rajesh (Rahul Singh) and his large contingent of commandos take charge of Aslam Khan's security. The news of the security provided by the Prime Minister to a mere khadim, owing to the threat he faces from the neighbouring coun-try, soon becomes public. The villagers, unaware of any such threat, are shocked. Soon, Aslam Khan clears the air with the Prime Minister's officer on special duty but it is too late now, to withdraw the Z security as that would expose the Prime Minister's stupidity. Therefore, Dixit asks Aslam Khan to pretend as if he has been provided the security cover because of a real threat to him from the neighbouring country. As time flies, Aslam Khan becomes a veritable VIP in his village. In fact, his entire life is turned upside down because of the security cover. Why, with the large security contingent, Aslam Khan now finds it difficult, almost impossible, to meet his secret beloved, Saeeda, with whom he is having an extra-marital affair. However, Aslam Khan and his family continue to enjoy the perquisites which come with the Z security.

Aslam Khan's popularity in the village grows. The chief minister of Rajasthan sees a golden opportunity in this and announces Aslam Khan's name as the ruling party's candidate, in the forthcoming elections. The hapless Aslam Khan now starts campaigning for the elections. Meanwhile, the terrorist kingpin (Sanjay Mishra) from the neighbouring country sends two of his goons to spy on Aslam Khan as he is not aware of anyone of that name being issued a threat.

What happens thereafter? Does Aslam Khan get sucked into politics or does his conscience force him to reveal the truth to the voters, or, in other words, to the villagers? Do the neighbouring country's terrorists identify Aslam Khan or not? Do the terrorists target Aslam Khan? What is the role of Aslam Khan's wife, Hameeda, in this entire fa?ade?