(Released: Aug 20, 1993)

Jeeva is beautiful and rustic village girl who has fallen in love with Shiva - from her neighbouring village. Thakur Yashpal Singh is married but is debauch prince and has an dubious eye on Jeeva. One day, Jeevas modesty is saved because the timely help of villagers. Sarpanch of the village suggests Jeevas kin to get her married to Shiva as soon as it is possible. They are married. But, Yashpal Singh with the help of his younger brother Mahipal and other kill Shiva. Jeeva is saved. Yashpal Singh is about to rape a girl, Jeeva arrives at the scene and kills Yashpal Singh. Jeeva is surrenders to the law. Tejeshwari, wife of Yashpal Singh vows to take revenge of her husband killing. Yashpal Singhs other brother Kripal Singh returns from the city. Tejashwari incites Kripal & Mahipal to avenge the murder of their brother by killing Jeeva and his son Munna who are serving a jail term. . Kapil Dev Singh is an orphan and honest jailor who after going through Jeevas file have sympathy for her and Munna. All the jailed ladies love Munna immensely. Kapil could not marry Lisa because he is a orphan and Lisas father wanted a bridegroom from a good and respectable family. . Lisa happens to meet Kapil and deicdes to live with him for ever and also promises to impart love to Munna who has become an obsession for him. . Kripal Singh hatches a plot to kill Jeeva and Munna in the jail itself with the help of Minister of Jail, Chhatar Singh, Jail Doctor and his henchmen. But, Kapil comes on their way and saves the life of Munna & Jeeva. Gulab, a nautch girl, had served a jail had served a jail term with Munna & Jeeva; has soft corner of Kapil. Kapil takes Jeeva and Munnas case to his excellency Governor of the state and pleads for their release. Governor sends Jeevas case file to the Chief Minister for further action. Chhatar Singh goes to jail and wants to drive Jeeva & Munna out; so that they could be killed by Kripal Singh and men waiting outside of the jail. Kapil hits back and runs . Kripal Singh captures Jeeva & Munna and he is about to kill both when Kapil Singh comes on the scene and does away with Kripal Singh on the instance of Judge and jail doctor. . Tejeshwari comes on the day Jeevas release from jail and compromise with Jeeva while Kapil Dev and Lisa get married.

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