Ham Sab Chor Hain

(Certified: Dec 11, 1956)

The Hundred odd refugees camped up inthe small ground floor room of a tenement were not jealous of the two persons, Shri Shudh Ramji and Shri Budhramji, alias Karka and Pharka occupying the spacious room above them. The reason was that these two (Johar and Majnu) were social workers of no mean repute. They usually did their `Social Work in the darkness of the night, because, being rather publicity shy, they shunned the light of the day. And, if, while helping others they helped themselves, it was only because they believed in the proverb, "God helps those who help themselves". . "HUM SAB CHOR HAIN" is the story of two happy-go-lucky guys who are up to all tricks to make for themselves a comfortable living. . Seth Dhirajmal Shantidas, the father of twin daughters, Kamla and Bimla, losed the twins and his wife in a boat accident. All search to find them proves futile. In the meantime, the two young sister get separated and are brought up differently. Kamla, who has a locket with the twins photograph, engages a detective to trace her sister. . Kamla is defrauded into marriage by Deepak, a Gambler, drunkard and a scoundrel and geta a son. . Bimla comes in touch with Karka and Pharka who are masquerading as Sadhus to throw the police off the scent. She gets mixed up with their affaira and is arreated by the police. . One day Deepak loses heavily in gambling and wants to get his wifes locket by force. In the struggle, Kamla falls down the balcony in to the sea below. Deepak gets panicky and runs out the hotel with his son. At the door he meets Bimla whoresembles Kamla. . He plans to establish her as Kamla to escape the charge of murder and takes her to the hotel room. Bimla, naturally is puzzled and beheves queerly. Deepak proves that Bimla is his wife who has gone crazy and bundles her off to the mental hospital. She, however, manages to escape. . Kamla on the other hand is rescued by doctor Ram, who was passing in a motor boat at the time of her fall and takes her with him. . Bimla once comes in contact with Seth Dhirajmal Shantidas while travelling by train. The Seth finds himself strangely attracted to Bimla and finds out thet she works in a theatre which runs with his finance. Form the theatre files he gets all detail of the girl and asks the theatre proprietor Mr. Nath to take good care of her and pay her a handsome salary. . Thus Bimla is taken up as a heroine and the former heroine is dismissed. Bimla and Nath fall in love and contemplate marriage. Deepak, whois in search of the excaped Bimla finally finds her at the theatre and convincing everybody there that she is his missing wife, takes her away. . At night, being drunk, Deepak wants Bimla to submit to him. In the the struggle that follows, Bimla finds that she has killed him in self defence. . She is tried for murder. In the court many interesing situations develop and all the characters of the story are drawn in and finally everything in cleared up. The two long lost daughters returnto their father.

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