(Certified: Oct 18, 1956)
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INSAAF means Justice. One might succed, for some time, to escape from the punishment for his evil deeds but in the end. Justice always prwails particularly the justice of God is inevetibale. Greed of pomp and power, wealth and worldly pleansure, often darg human beings to the path of sins. History is replete with examples of such cirmes and horrible sins. . Sabra, a poor widow, was no exception, when the king, on the sudden demise of his Queen, entrustted her with the sacred duty of bringing up the baby Crown Prince for 12 years. The Queen had died just after delivering a son - and the King was told not to see the Prince for 12 years, because fo bad stars fo the child. She assured the king of her faith-fully carrying out her duty. But one day - the satan of Greed, entered her heart and instigated her to change her own son in the robes of Prince Salim and the Prince in the dress of her son, Yusuf. After 12 years hse presented her own son as Prince Salim before the king and the real Prince stayed with her as her son Yusuf. . When Salim reached the age of 25 the king went on a pilgrimage, advinsing him to look after the governace of the state justly and lawfully, in his absence and under the guidance of the wise and loyal wazir Jaffer Beg. The king, before his departure, had also taken a decision for the marriage of the Prince with Shabnam, the beautiful daughter of wazir Jaffer Beg. But the Prince was caught in the psuedo love of an enchanting dancer, Zarina and desired to make her his Queen On the other hand, Yusuf grew up to be a youn patriot and a staunch fighter for justice. He could not tolerate the oppressive rule and gruesome attrocities of the Prince, on the meek, half starved people, When he fought for the peoples rights and demanded justice form the Prince and became popular Hero in the name of Janbaz, he was branded as an outlaw and an enemy of the Crown. Shabnam also fell in love with the brave and handsome Jnabaz, he was branded as an outlaw and an enemy of the Crown. Shabanm also fell in love with the brave and hand- some Janbaz. The Prince ultimately succeeded in arresting Janbaz and ordered him to be hanged to death. Sabra approached Prince Salim ( in fact her own son) and pleaded pathetically to pardon Janbaz. But Salim and Zarina kicked her out. The king, on his return from the pilgrimage was straightaway sent to prison and tortured, for he did not give his consent to make Zarina the Queen. Zarina and the Prince planned for the Coronation and marriage.

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