Mr. Lambu

(Certified: Jul 6, 1956)
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When Indian History is replete with instances of heroice deeds and marvelous chivalry on the part of brothers of mere Rakhi relations, any tale pertaining to those naturally born as brother and sister could always be much more exciting. . Jyoti sister of Lambu was of poor family but very intelligent. She could always squeeze out time attend school though invariably busy helping her widow-mother in household worl. A fellow student Prem handsome, and always well dressed owning a car, had his eyes on her. Jyoti who could read the meaning, however, remained aloof, afraid of her poverty being exposed, and thought of asking her brother to try and ameliorate their lot. But Lambu was a good for nothing fellow... in jail. . Lambu was not a professional criminal. Only his unbounded sympathy for the down troden and the oppressed, and his taking the law in his own hands to teach lessons to the oppressors resulted in his frequent sojouns to the jail, and the ofcourse thought of them as good for change of climate. Naturally, this stigma of jail going had its repercussions on his family name and came in the way of any netotiations for his sister Jyotis marriage. Fortuantely, Prems people started talks but this ruffian of a brother Lambu misbehaved thought of wrong procedure and came out with a fantastic idea of acquiring wealth through plunder to perform her marriage with greater pomp and show. His friend Mahipat Rai Alias Pat Pat warned him against such a course but to no purpose. . Fully of such wrong notions he one night jumped in a Seths house, only to find the Seth just then killed by one Chhaganlal, a bad character, for the purpose of securing certain valuable documents. Not linking the idea of being cought as murderer, he ran off from there. Thanks goodness that he had no more occasions for such misadventures, as luckily he won 6 1/2 laksh of rupees in a lottery. From a mere Lambu he now became "Mr. Lambu". He thought of marrying his sister Maharaja having an elephant to ride on than to Prem who had a mere Motor Car. . Wicked Chhanganlal, who, in the meanwhile, started aspiring for the hand of Jyoti, plotted to capture Lambus wealth as well as Jyoti. He spread his drag-net and started pulling in Mr. Lambu and eventually got him involved in affairs with a Dancer Veera, who forget her mission and surrended herself to Mr. Lambu because of his good nature. Before she could expose Chhaganlal. He cleverly creased her out of existence, and Prem, who happened to be then at the spot was roped in as her killer. . Sentence of death on Prem was to be the death of Jyotis all ambitions and her future happiness. But, tell she could not a word to her brother in this connection. She was born in a country where girls do not do so. It is considered bad and simply not done.

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