Kaun Kitney Pani Mein

(Released: Mar 13, 1987)

Inspector Vishal is an honest police officer whose moto is Duty before self. But fate deals him a fatal blow when his wife dies in an accident leaving a small son Baboo. Vishal is on the hunt for the criminals who were responsible for the death of his wife Lakshmi and one day he meets one of them but before he can get any clues to the identity of the rest criminals involved in the accident Sudhir jumps from a building and kills himself. The Inspector General of Police blames Vishal for the death and scolds him and reminds him that if anything happens to him, his son Baboo will be left an orphan with no one care for him. Vishal promises the I.G. that in future he shall not take any due risks and do everything from within the circle of law. Vishal is transfered to Lalitpur. . Lalitpur is small town run by the local hoodlums supported by the police, Vishal finds himself in a tight corner for whenever he arrests anyone or apprehends any smuggling activity his senior Jaipal Singh steps in and lets them go free. Jaipal is a part of the smuggling ring and Vishal is no position to do anything against him. . Vishals son Baboo meets Kamli and her brother Hasmukh and finds a new family in the two of them, he treats Kamli like his mother. Hasmukh not only looks after and entertains Baboo, he also tries his hand at helping Vishal curb crime in Lalitpur. Hasmukh leads Vishal to the temple, which is the centre of the drug trade in Lalitpur and here Vishal comes face to face with the Pujari who is one of the culprits involved in his wifes accident. Seeing the Pujari Vishal realises that may be others are also in Lalitpur and sets about on their hunt. . Jaipal Singh is always there to set all the criminals free and at other times the lack of evidence lets them go. Vishal is disgusted with fate till one day Raja Bhupinder Singh comes into his life. Raja Saheb is a respected figure in Lalitpur and is against criminals so he leads his full support to Vishal. . During the further evens which takes place, Vishal comes across an strage fact that Raja Saheb is nothing else but kingpin of all the criminals and that Jaipal Singh is actually an very honest police officer who in order to catch a Boss of criminals, lets off the small and other criminals. In sheer disgust Vishal removes his uniform, takes law intoh is hands and unfolds the drama and exposes the real criminals. This leads to his arrest and he willingly surrender before his senior. Before he goes to stand for trial. He hand over his son Baboo in the safe hands of Kamli till his return.

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