(Certified: Mar 13, 1987)
Moser Baer

Nanda spent her childhood int he company of a rich boy named Rakesh. But Nandas mother would always says that the rich when they grow up, they always forget the childhood talks and promises. . With such promises Rajesh and Nand entered their youths. Though Nanda was doing the house-hold chores, her childhood love had blossomed full and she loved Rakesh. Meantime Rakesh had taken up a job after finishing his education. But he also loves her. On the other hand, Priya, his office-mate a sweet girl-started taking an extraordinary interest in Rakesh. And Rakesh too opened up with her. On the New Year night, some young intoxicated boys of the society forcibly kidnapped Nanda and Nanda could only escape the next morning. This happening defamed both her mother and herself and the doors of all the flats of the society were shut on them. Facing hunger and privation, one day Nanda went to Rakesh's hosue to borrow money for the medicine of her ailing mother. Rakesh was alone at home and on seeing Nanda the devil in him woke up. But her innocence and simplicty saved her. Later, Rakesh got an offer of a job and a life-mate from a multimillionaire from Poona and he had to go. Before leaving Poona, the devil in him again goaded him to net Nanda but this time Nanda told him she will be his only he had the courage to own her before the society and the world. Rakesh left for Poona and Nanda was left behind with a broken heart. On reaching Poona Rakesh found that the millionaire Seth Dharam Das is none else that the father of Priya. Int he proximity of Priya, he once again burried Nanda deep in his memory. Rakesh busied himself in his job. More important, he started reforming Nilesh the drug-addict son of Seth Dharam Dass and with his devotion and intelligence he became successful in his mission. Now Priya asked him as to when he would marry her. He wanted sometime to decide the issue. At this Priya gave him an address and asked him to reach there. She said she was sure on reaching there it would be easy for him to arrive the decision. To his surprise on reaching the bunglow, he was surprised to find his mother and sister over there. This house had been bought by Seth Dharam Das for Rakesh and he also wanted to take him as his business partner. Once again fate brought Nanda before Rakesh and that too in his own house. His mother told him that Nanda had lost her mother and taking pity on her she has again engaged her. Rakesh came to know that Nanda is the mother of a baby boy.

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