Maharana Pratap

(Released: Oct 12, 2012)
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The story of Maharana Pratap starts from the narrator Kaviraj Shyamaldas who narrates the epic of Maharana Pratap and initiates the history of Mewar kingdom. When Vallabhi (gujrat) was attacked by the Maan Mori in a battle attempt, Rawal Mahendra-II died and his queen Pushpawati somehow escaped from that attack and went to Nagda area (near Udaipur). Later she died, giving her child to a Brahmin family. The son of the queen Pushpawati grew young and was popularly known as Bappa Rawal (Kalbhoj). One day Bappa Rawal met Maharshi Harti Rashi (a sage) and by the profound blessings of the sage Harit Rashi, Bappa established the Great kingdom of Mewar. Narrator Kaviraj Shyamaldas proceeds further in the story as- Rana Ratan Singh's wife queen Padmini, who was an iconic paramount of beauty in historical times, faced bad consequences due to Allauddin Khilji intrigue and deception of forceful control over Chittorgarh as well as over queen Padmini. At the end the conflict between Padmini and Allauddhin Khilji led the last queen Padmini to sacrifice herself for the self-respect and honor of the dynasty by jumping alive in the heap of fire inside the palace at fort Chittor (the activity is popularly known as 'Saka/'Jauhar').
Narrator Kaviraj Shyamaldas's pen stops at the incident of king Udai Singh's feeding mother Panna Gurjari. The maid's son Banveer (dasi's son) who killed Rana Vikramaditya, was intending to kill Udai Singh in his childhood as well. Pannadhay then sacrificed her own son who was at the same age of Udai Singh and Banveer killed her son by having an impression that sleeping child is Udai Singh. She saw her own son dying in front of her eyes. This sacrifice of Pannadhay is remembered in the history, which ultimately saved the dynasty of Mewar.
As the story goes further. Maharana Udai Singh, father of Maharana Pratap was compelled to depart the fort of Chittorgarh. On the other hand, queen Jaiwnti bai who was the first wife of Maharana Udai Singh was facing ignoring attitude by Udai Singh. The Maharana Udai Singh was immensely fascinated towards queen Bhattiyani. The diplomatic queen Bhattiyani passionately devised a plan to establish Jagmal (her son) on the throne of Mewar so as to make him the king. After the death of Udai Singh, the elder son Pratap was not offered the royal seat of the kingdom of Mewar. In the meantime all the noble heads came to know about Jagamal being made the heir. Apparently ministers within the kingdom discussed the dismissal of Jagmal. Rawat Krishna Das and Rawat Sanga suggested that "pratap is the eldest son, and worthy also, hence, he should be the Maharana." After completing the last rites, the noble chieftains helped Pratap to occupy the Royal Throne and spoke to Jagamal - "In your capacity as the younger brother, your seat is in front of the Royal Throne". Thus, on 28 February 1572 Pratap's coronation was performed at Gogunda (place near Udaipur) just after the funeral of Udai Singh. Pratap's coronation was held at Rana Bawari and he was enthroned on royal seat of the kingdom of Mewar unanimously in 1572.
Maharana Pratap was leading forward with his knighthood, chivalry and art of battling; at the same time emperor Jalal ud-Din Muhammad Akbar of Mughal dynasty (who persecuted king Udai Singh from Chittor) was now ready to tackle the conflict in the form of a battle. However as a diplomat, his strategy was to avoid the battle and motivate other kings to surrender in front of him, but Maharana Pratap was an exception.
Pratap won the battle of Gorwar. Akbar with his kingdom oriented strategies sent many proposals to Mewar as Akbar was of the opinion that Mewar is the biggest hurdle in the path of expanding the domain of his kingdom. A special delegation was sent by Akbar thrice to persuade and convince Maharana Pratap that he shall accept the Mughal rule and Mewar should work under Akbar's imperial kingdom. The special deligation consisted of Rana Bhagwandas, Todermal and Man Singh. They requested Maharna Pratap to accept Akbar's proposal. When Kunwar Man Singh of Amber came to Udaipur. There was a grand dinner organized at the bank of lake Udaisagar. But Maharana Pratap decided not to attend that dinner. Pratap sent his son Kunwar Amar Singh to dine with Kunwar Man Singh, which ultimately led to an argument between Dodhia Bhim and Man Singh. This incident precipitated the Mughal-Mewar conflict. Aftermath of this argumentation was the battle of Haldighati.

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