Neki Aur Badi

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In a stormy night, a woman took a shelter to a house of rich man where his wife was also to deliver. Both woman gave birth to a daughter. The lord of the house threw his wife and new born daughter out of the house as it was not son , but daughter. An old servant Gopi accompany them. Mother went mad and was put into asylum. Time moved on. the girl was sixteen when one day Gopi whom revealed the truth to her. He said that while she and her mother were suffering, a wicked woman with her daughter, was thriving on her fathers wealth. She thought of revenge. One night, dressed as a boy she ran away from home. Helpless, friendless and almost penniless, she reached Bombay. She passed a night on the stoney steps of a statue and it was here that she met Nandan, the poor beloved vagabond, who stried for an honest living but starvead all the same. He took her for a boy who had run away from home. He called her his Comrade. With some money that she had they started to live in two separate rooms. All went well for some time. Soon she fell in love with Nandan, but could not express it. At last she told Nandan who she really was. He was dazed. Together they worked on the plan to regain the lost kingdom of her sick mother. She was to keep the disguise, till every thing was alright. Nandan managed to get a job in her father's house. Nandan managed to get a job for her too. Baby, the daughter of the wicked woman ruled the place. She soon started making advancces to Nandan. The glow of love in her eyes, shadowed my world. He contrived to create an effecct of Hydrophobia with some soap solution and convinced her father that Baby and her mother were bitten by a mad dog and should at once be removed to the hospital. He was so frightened with the news that he obeyed Nandan as he said. Now was the time for her to reveal identity. First he was surprised, then he was sorrowful. Virtue was victorious and wickedness punished for dark deeds.

Best of 30s and 40s