Gunahon Ka Devta

(Released: )

Kundan is a lover of wine, women and gambling, yet he is a handsome young man of golden heart. He falls head over heels for Kesar, a tom-boyish, upright and fearless girl of heroic heart, with do-or-die decision. Kesar spurns him and her scorn for him intensify the flames for love in his heart. Yet Kesar with all the qualities of head and heart, is a helpless have-not. She is unable to keep away the mercinary, wealthy and resourceful Lala Kakumatari, who is as old as her late father would have been, from the altar of marriage. Simultaneously with the conquest of Keasr by marriage, Hakumat Rai for a large amount because of Diwans determination to commit suicide on being told to do that by Kesar, whom he loved with the zeal of a Majnu. Kesar runs away from the altar on the eve of marriage and Kundan, just to save her from the clutches of Hakumat Rai takes her to his some as a wife. Kesar poses as Kundan's wife under compulsion because she hated the very sight of Hakumat Rai. She is welcomed by Kundans old mother and the family. Yet Kesar refuses to be a wife to Kundan And Kundan sumbits to her decision. He promises to protect her from villians till the man, she loves, arrives on the scene. Frustration in love drives Kundan further in the mire of nautch girls and to gambling dens. The agony of Kundan's mother and his family works on the mind of Kesar who takes upon herself the duty of lifting Kundan up from his world of sin-and in her attempt to achieve her goal, she even stakes her sight and goes blind. Hakumat Rai now strikes with the fury of a waiting hawk. He usurps the house of Kundan and drives out his family in the streets. He manoeuvres to get Kundan arrested by the police and now Kesar, with a final attempt to save Kundan and his family, agrees to marry the wicked Lala, who is now all set to kill Diwana for his insured money and grab the girl as well as money. Just a day before the eventful marriage Kundan is released. Now he has to decide whether he should continue to a symbol of Sin for the gratification of his senses or a Devta, a symbol of service to his people.

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