Son of Sinbad

(Certified: Nov 13, 1958)
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Who was not heard of the adventures of Sinbad the Sailor and who in turn has not dreamt of emasulating the heroic exploits of this supreme master of the Seven Seas. . Towards the fag end of his life Sinbad decided to settle down on a remote island where he could devote the latter years of his life to the service of his people and in pious meditation of the Almighty. Sinbads reign was supreme over this island, where every one were a equal. . Sinbad was a man with a strict sense of justice and soon the name of Sinbad and justice become synoymous. But Alas! Sinbads justice was destined to be put to a verb severe test. . Sinbad has an only son, Yusuf, to whom he was very devoted. Young Yusuf was very adventourous and daring. He was very proud of his own individuality and wanted to become as famous, if not more than his eminent father. On account of this he always insisted on being known and called as Yusuf and noted as The son of Sindbad. Because of this insistance Yusuf once had an altercation wiht the result that his adversary met his death. Yusuf was charged with wilful murder and brought before the Court of Sindad, his father. . Sindbad never differentiated between a member of the ruling family and a commoner. Yusuf was found guilty and sentenced to death. But the timely confession on the part of Yasmin, a silent lover of Yusuf, save Yusuf from the gallows. Yasmin in turn was found guilty and was ordered to leave the country before sunrise of the next day. Yusuf raised his voice against this judgement of Sindbad, his father. Sindbad, a strict disciple of Justice, orders Yusuf to leave the country. Yusuf accepted the judgement much against his wishes. . Sinbad, the ruler, had passed in judgement. But Sinbad the father, gave to his exiled son three precepts, which he advised Yusuf to strictly adhere to if he wished to succeed in life. These precepts were, Never to be proud; Never to forget The Almighty & lastly, Never to place his faith in women. . How Yusuf acted on these three precepts can best be seen on the silver screen.

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