Maine Jeena Seekh Liya

(Certified: Dec 10, 1959)
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THIS is the story of a wild rose amid the rocks. . The valley of Dharampur was Captivated by Sarju. She was youth, beauty frolics and innocence, unaware of the vice and villainy of the world. . Chamanalal, the manager of the Dharampur quarry, was having an eye on Sarju. But the social status of her father Ram Singh, a pensioned bodyguard of the late owner of quarry, was the only obstacle to achieve her. Then came another obstacle inthe way of Chamanlal. The young son of the widowed nother, the owner of the quarry, Kailash who just returned from Englan after eight years. Sarju and Kailash met, mischief turned into attachment and attachment changed into love. Kailash could not reveal, as the circumstances did not allow him, that he is the owner of the quarry. Sarju, was shocked to know this. The only way to assure his sincere love was to marry her. Kailash married her secretly. As the love succeeded the sorrow began; Chamanlal plotted with Malkin and managed to send kailash away again. In his absence Chamanlal played all the tricks to achieve Sarju; and at last he succeeded in his attempt. Malkin ordered Sarju to get out of the village along with his old and ailing father. . The old man died of shock. Sarju was left all alone in the world. Having a good opportunity Chamanmlal tried to make advances to her but her faithful dog came to her rescue. She ran mad in the jungle. Chamanlal and the villagers thought she was no more. When Kailash returned home, he came to know of the tragedy. He was disheartened. . Sarju was, however, saved by a kindly shepherd woman, who took very good care of her. After sometime Sarju gave birth to a baby boy-the sad memory of her love. . The chase of the vice and virtue did no end. Sarjus son Gopal was kidnapped by Chamanlal. The hut was burnt. Again she was thrown to disaster. But again brought back to life by a psychiatrist, who was running an Ashram. Years after, the mother and son met, not knowing each other. . The son of the owner of the quarry was an ordinary worker in the quarry. Father was master-son was servant. Mother and son were meeting but not as mother and son. Chamanlal was blackmailing Malking having "Gopal" a tool in his hands. . Now as the last resort of death against life, the kidnapping of Gopal took place. The last scuffle off vice and virtue began. The quarry was being dyanmited the son was at the alter of death-Sarju came to know. The secret was revealed to Kailash.

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