(Certified: May 4, 1959)
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Prince Shuja and Prince Ali Khan were the two heir apparents to the throne of Samarqand. Shuja was a very brave and honest man whereas Ali Khan was crooked and led a sinful life. Ali Khans mother the Queen of Samarqand was still alive abut she ignored her sons shortcomings. The kind was aware of his sons misdeeds, but he could do nothing as he was a mere pawn in the hands of the youthful Queen. . One day, some traders reported to the King that they were looted on the border of the state. The King immediately sent Shuja with an army to bring the law-breakers to book. On reaching the border, the chief of the tribe Iltmaas was called to see the Prince. Iltmaas obeyed the order and presented himself before the Prince, when the Prince charged him with the looting of the traders. Iltmaas got indignant as he had no hand in the looting but kept quiet. He, however, arranged a big banquet in honour of the Prince. At the banquet, Rahila, the beautiful daughter of Iltmaas, met Prince Shuja and both fell for each other. . Theri love began to grow with the passage of time but the news of the news of the Kings sudden deathe interrupted its her own son Ali Khan and also get rid of Shuja. The Wazir consulted the Commander-in-chief, Gul Hamid and things were so arraged that Shuja would be poisoned on his arrival. . The Poison was administered and Shuja was buried. Ali Khan was proclaimed as the next king. But in reality Shuja was not dead. Gul Hamid ahad no heart to kill Shuja and he had given him some medicaine that would put him to sound sleep and he was thus quietly removed to safety. On hearing the news of the death of Shuja, Rahila came over to Samarqand. Herer she met Shuja in his secrte hide out. But the place was not quite safe for the Prince and on the advice of Gul Hamid Shuja accompannied by Rahila went to the chief of the Tribes for help. . After the departure of Shuja, Gul Hamid cleveryl manipulated things in such a manner that a rift arose between the Queen and Ali Khan and on the advice of Gul Hamid, Ali Khan removed the Queen and the Wazir from his pathe so as to get the entire power in his hands. . Ali Khan now began to rule over the land independently and was quit happy over the state of affairs. However, one day he came to know that Shuja was alive and safe in the company of Iltmaas. Ali Khan was scared and he marched with his men towards the border area. There he sent a message of goodwill to the tribal chief and also called Shuja to meet him. Shuja trusted the message and he presented himself before Ali Khan. Ali Khan was overjoyed at seeing Shuja and shile pretending to embrace him, he took out his dagger and tried to kill Shuja, but Shuja was quick enought to ward off the blow and watchful Sardar puts an end to Ali Kahans life. Shuja then returned ahonourably to his righful place the throne of Samarqand.

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