Gokul Ka Chor

(Certified: Dec 31, 1959)
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In this land, whenever righteousness went into decline, whenever Good was at the mercy of Evil, and saints were threatened by peril, God took human form. rescued the good people and preserved the righteous way of life. Just for such a purpose was Lord Krishna born. . The people of Mathura were groaning under the tyranny of King Kansa. Sages and priests were incarcerated. There was suffering all round. The Sage Narad, viewing Kansas outrages had prophessied that Kansas outrages had prophesised that Kansas end would be at the hands of the eighth child of Kansas sister Devaki. . Hearing this, Kansa had imprisoned Devaki and her husband Vasudev, and destroyed their first seven babies. However, he could not do the same to the eight issue, Krishna, wo was a divine incarnation. At this birth, the prison gates opened of their own accord and Vasudev took his newborn boy across the Yamuna to Gokul entrusting him to the safe keeping of Nanda. In return he brought back Nandas baby daughter. . When Kansa heard of the childbirth in prison, he rushed to kill the newborn babe, which to his surprise was a girl. Still, he picked up, meaning to dash her to death, but she slipped from his hands away into the sky, crying "Tyrant, you destroyer is already born and will confront you when he grows up". . Krishna was growing up in Gokul as Nandas son-charming one and all with his sweet mischievs. He took the cows to pasture and played with cowherd boys. He teased the milkmaids demanding milk and butter and he joined them in the "ras dance". Radha was his girl friend. Her husband, Anaya, used to deliver milk at Kansas royal palace. Krishna did not like this and with his friend he tried to stop Anayas practice but to no avail. . Kansa was aware of his enemy and sent a number of wicked soldiers in various disguises to kill Krishna, but Krishna and his faithful friends foiled the assasins. The demoness Pootana, demons Shakata and Keshi and the serpent Kalia were all vanquished by Krishna. Thereupon Kansa tried another trick; he sent Akrura as a peace message inviting Krishna to Mathura. . When Akrura arrived in Gokul, the whole place was in panic. Men and women obstructed Krishnas chariot and would not let him go. But, Krishna convinced them that he was going to liberate his mother and they gave him unwilling sendoff. . At the sight of Krishna, Kansa completely lost his nerve and soon that powerful emperor was subdued by Krishna.

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