Manav Hatya

(Certified: Sep 9, 1987)

Ram Krishna is a school teacher and his elder daughter Rama is studying in the final year of law and son Chandan in 9th standard. Rama comes across a journalist named Varun Shorie. Who believes in truth so much so that he was written on his right handed "Satyamev Jayate". His editor always worries for him and warns him that the present era is not for exposing the truth but to hide out. Varun never agrees to this. But the notorious people whom against he was writing, abductes him and get his hand cut off on which is carved "Satyamev Jayate". At the other side Ram Krishan is forced to retire on the pretext that he is of 60 years. And in this tension he meets with an accident with the car of BB who is running an illict business of heroine, opium, brown sugar, and losses his eye sight. Little Chandan shoulders the responsibilities of feeding the family so that his elder sister can complete her studies and starts selling articles on the pavements. And on the Rakhi day he is caught by the police on the charge of doing business without licence. He comes in conflict with Inspector Joseph and constable Kale for not giving the bribe which results in death of Chandan on whom a forge case is filed in which it is stated that he died in a taxi accident. Rama files the case of her brother with proofs in the court of laws. Joseph and Kale go and surrender to BB for help. Bb kidnaps Rama on the charge of doing illict business of opium and force her to take her back the case. Rama doesn't agree. BB now takes a severe step and demolish the character of Rama by Joseph and Kale. One day Rama gets a chance to escape from the secret place of BB. She comes home where she gets the dead body of her father. She rushes to advocate Sudha Chopra who after hearing the facts advice her to go to police station to launch complaint but Rama disagrees because she is being raped by police. Here she determines that she will fight out herself for the justice. On the other hand Varun after getting discharge from the hospital, with one hand manages to run a small press. One day he comes across Rama and in the exchane of talk come to know that facts of life of one another. Varun promises that he will open the mouth of his paper to bring before the public the facts. But Rama stops him saying that she alone will fight for her problems. . Rama and Varun succeeds in their mission and they unite.

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