Akeli Mat Jaiyo

(Released: )

Seema is staying in a working Girls Hostel-she is very conservatively brought up by her father, who manufactures dolls, which Seema sells in the market. She never goes out in the evening, either for dinner or dance like other girls because she has no boy friend. Girls make jokes about her and Seema's friend Shobha is worry about the whole affair. One day Shobha persuades Seema to inform other girls that she is going for dinner with ther fincee, at Astoria Hotel and she tells them that her fiancee is a Colonel in the army. Girls are surprised and shocked and they decide to go to Atsoria Hotel and see the Colonel. Seema is forced to go to Astoria Hotel. She had no boy friend, no fiancee. However, she spots a young handsome military man. She approaches him, tells her story and requests him to act as her fiancee for the time being. This starts a romance between the two, though seema wanted to end it there and then. The Colonel, whose name is Rajinder, asks her to meet and dine him for next 3 days as he was going to be in the city and this will convince the girls. They fall in love with each other. One night, a photographer takes their picuture together and next morning it is published in papers with a caption "Prince and his Bride-to-be". The picture is seen by the king and queen, father and mother of the Prince who is gone for shikar, in the camp. Prince's A.D.C. shows the photo picure to the real prince. He is surprised. He sees the similarity of faces and rushes to Delhi to find out who is the man - rather the imposter. Girl's show the picture to Seema's father, who has come to visit her. Seema is forced to admit that she is engaged to Prince, who intends to marry her. Meanwhile, the two crooks, who had installed Rajinder as the Prince, come to the hotel and threaten him to cooperate in getting delivery of the necklace from the Jeweller, otherwise his mother, who was kidnapped by them, will be killed.

Best of 60s