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Bekhabar means ignorant and every criminal in power thinks that the Law is Bekhabar(ignorant) of his misdeeds. One such criminal was Dharmadas who had a long record of crimes. Police knew it but did not have any proof of clue to book him. In this multi checkered world, Madhavi a dancer in Man Sarovar Hotel, had two comforts in life. One she earned and lived for her younger brother Munna and second her affection for the hotel manager Puri, who was no less than good father to her. The smooth and silent life fo Madhavi shook completely when Puri was murdererd by Dharamdas and she was by chance the only-eye-witness to the brutal act. Dharamdas apprehends his plight and sets up traps to eliminate Madhavi. In one such attempt Madhavi is rescued by Ashok. Madhavi and Ashok come nearer and nearer and fall in love. They move together to Calcutta. There too she is followed by Dharamdas and his men and at last Madhavi is kidnapped. Dharamdas is lured by her beauty and makes advances towards her but Madhavi, using her presence of mind runs away. Madhvi falls in the hands of Pyare a truck driver. He tries to seduce her but her appeals remind him of his sister lost dring the inhuman riots of partition. Pyare accepts Madhavi as his sister and leaves her safely in the hands of Ashok. But Madhavi is not happy for long. She finds a photograph of the killer Dharmdas in the diary of Ashok. Madhvi now realises that all the time she had been right in the hands of the killer and his associates. She tries to escape but Ashok locks her in a room. Meanwhile Dharamdas makes another move and kidnaps Munna. He informs Madhavi by telephone about Munna and asks her to come over if loves Munna. Madhavi becomes desperate and manages to escape from Ashok's house. Now Madhvi and Munna are in the hands of Dharmadas. Ashok who is out in search of Madhavi, meets Pyare and tells him of her escape. Pyare now realises that he himslef had taken her in the truck and delivered her in the hands of the killer. Both go out to the place where Pyare had left Madhvi and the gangsters.

Best of 60s