Ganga Aur Suraj

(Released: Feb 29, 1980)

Police Inspector Shekahr is in-charge of a mission to catch the dreaded dacoit Vikram Singh, dead or alive. Vikram Singh comes in disguise to seek the blessings of Goddess Durga for his daughter, along with his wife and child where he is recognised by inspector Shekhar. Vikram Singh is too late for the Darshan and perhaps it was a bad omen. Imspector Shekhar is successful in arresting him. But the dacoits too, as usual come prepared for the eventualities. Fight follows between the police and the dacoits. Vikram Singh runs away with his wife and in the melee his daughter is seperated. One of the dacoits, Haria, takes cahrge of her. Haria is wounded by the police bullets and is unable to carry the girl away. She comes into the hand of Inspector Shekhars son, Ganga who brings her home. . In the dacoits, camp when Harias dead is brought, it is believed by Vikram Singh that his daughter has also died. With this shock his wife collapses and this provokes him to take revenge on Inspector Shekhar and vows to ruin his family. He attacks and ransacks the house of inspector Shekhar, cripples him and takes away his younger son, Suraj, to be sacrificed at the altar of Goddess of Durga. . The sanction fromt he goddess is not in Vikrams favour and Suraj is saved, where he grows up in the loving care of Dilawar Khan who is a right hand man of Vikram. Thus the innocent child Suraj rises into a dacoit Vijay Singh. At the same time Vikram Singhs daughter grows up in Inspector Shekhars house as their own child. . Vijay Singh, who comes to rob a rich man at his daughters marriage got himself robbed and the robber is none other but Vikram Singhs daughter, now known as Sarita. They fall in love with each other. . The elder son of Inspector Shekhar, Ganga joins the police force and becomes an inspector of high calibre. He is posted in the same village to capture dacoit Vikram Singh. In this mission he is physically as well as emotionally involved. He has now two dreaded enemies, Vikram Singh and Vijay Singh. . Vijay Singh had taken a vow to finish Inspector Ganga, who had become a great hurdle for him. They were thirsty for each others blood unknown to their personal blood relation

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