Sangharsh Aur Vijay

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Bhishma Narayan (Prakash Raj) is a Religious Guru who prepares an army for the protection of all the ancient Indian Temples. Of all the valiant and talented warriors in this elite army, Badrinath (Allu Arjun) is one who is groomed by Bhishma Narayan and wishes to make Badri his Successor. Once, Islamic terrorists attacked Amarnath temple and killed some devotees, Badri fought and killed the terrorists, saving both the temple and the devotees.
Meanwhile Alakananda (Tamanna), who is a staunch agnostic due to certain circumstances, along with her family is visiting the Temple of Badrinath, to which Badri is appointed as the Protector. Her grandfather explains to Badri that she is in danger as Sarkar (Kelly Dorjee), a dreaded Don, is trying to force her marriage with his son. On the request of her Grandfather, Badri helps Alaknanda to gradually believe in God's existence.
Eventually Alakananda falls deeply in love with Badri, unbeknownst to him, and is not willing to lose him at any cost. Sarkar & his men follow Alaknanda to Badrinath, and try to kidnap her. Although Badri manages to save her, he is heavily injured and goes under medication. Meanwhile Bhishma Narayan is shocked upon seeing Alakananda's affectionate behaviour towards Badri when he lay injured. As it is a strict rule that only an unmarried man must be the next Guru who would lead the elite warriors, Bhishma Narayan becomes highly suspicious that Badri is in Love with Alakananda, which is not the real situation. Badri promises Alakananda that he would bring her back to Badrinath Temple for success in her love, unaware that he is the object of her love in the first place.
As per the promise, Badri goes to Bellary to free Alakananda from the clutches of Sarkar, who is planning to fix the marriage, and escort Alaknanda back to the Holy Shrine. He fights with all the goons and escorts her to Badrinath. Sarkar vows revenge on Badri as Sarkar's son is severely hurt in the process by Badri. Subsequently Sarkar leads his goons to Badrinath and destroys Bhishma Narayan's Ashram.
Feeling that Badri is the real traitor and loves Alakananda, Bhishma Narayan orders Badri to vacate Badrinath Temple. Meanwhile Alakananda is being taken away by Sarkar's men, and Alakananda proposes to Badri to which he rejects as he has dedicated his life to his Guru. After seeing Alakananda's pure love for Badri, Bhishma Narayan is moved and orders Badri to bring her back and marry her. Following his Guru's orders, Badri saves Alakananda and finally marries her. In the end, Bhishma Narayan asks the newly-wed couple to hand over one of their children so that he can make him his successor to which the couple agrees happily.

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