(Certified: Dec 3, 1955)

Jalal, a happy-go-lucky dashing young manis the son of the State Vazir in the kingdom of Halam. He is popularly known as the king of beggars as he helps the poor from being oppressed by the rich. . The king of Halam who owes 80 lacs of Dinars to the King of Ajam, sends his Vazir to Prince Akil of Ajam, who is champing in Halam, to get some time for the payment. Akil gives one weeks time. . Princess Sherzad, daughter of the King Halam, often goes about incognito to understand the grievances of the common man. When she is one of her study tours she meets Jalal and falls in love with him. During one of their secret meetings, a Tiger attacks her but Jalal rescues her. Princess Sherzad tells her father about this incident and the King calls Jalal to the Durbar and asks him to select anything by way of reward. Jalal asks the hand of the Princess in marriage. The king is shocked at this and Jalal is forced to leave the kingdom immediately. . Failing to receive the money in one weeks time, Prince Akil comes of the loan. The king cannot meet the demand for the money he owes, he entertains the Prince lavishly. . The Prince having come to know that the King has no money to pay immediately, asks for the hand of Sherzad in marriage in settlement of the loan. The king hesitates to give consent because his other two daughters were earlier kidnapped by the Magician Samri on the occasion of their wedding. Akil boasts that he will defend the Princess agains tany mighty force and thus the king and the queen have to reclutantly agree to the proposal. The news of the proposed marriage reaches Jalal who is in exile thorugh his frined Sarfoo. He comes back to rescue the Princess from the clutches of Akil. . Akil complains to the King about the re-entry of Jalal in the kingdom of Halam. The king is very angry and orders the Vazir to capture Jalal within 12 hours or face disgrace. Jalal is captured by his father and brought before the king. The king orders Jala to be hanged . The father of Prince Akil, also comes to halam for the wedding of his son. The arrangement for marriage is made and while the actual ceremony is being performed, the magician Samri, kidnaps Princess Sherzad. On hearing the news the King of Halam faints and becomes seriously ill. The king of Ajma feels that he is solely responsible for ths incident and decalres that whosoever brings Ahe Hayat (Heavenly water) and Princess Sherzad will be rewarded with his kingdom. . Jalal who is about to be hanged, volunteers toget Abe Hayat. He is set free on the condition that if he fails to return, his father would be hanged instead. . Prince Akil, who also desired to marry Princess Sherzad, sets out on on the errand. Thus the race begins between Jalal and Akil for the hand of Shrzad and the kingdom.

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