Ghar Ghar Mein Diwali

(Certified: Nov 11, 1955)
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Had Kailash stuck to his decision of not going to Jeevanpur to see his dying uncle, he would have escaped many a perilious adventure, including the possibility of being hanged for murder! . Kailash was a gay student of a Banaras College who had told his friend that he was not interested in being at the beside of his dying uncle, Seth Mohanlal, a money-lender, because he did not care to inherit his riches, as they were ill-gotten from the blood and tears of the poor and ingonrant villagers. But the same evening Kailash bumbed into Kanchan, a pretty damsel. . A romantic pursuit brought him to the charitable hospital at Jeevanpur where his uncle was being treated by Doctor Sohanlal, a philantropist and father of Kanchan. . Once Jeevanpur, Kailash discovered three things. Firstly that his uncle Mohanlal was only pretending to be ill, secondly, that the charitable hospital run by Dr. Sohanlal was urgently in need of large funds and thridly, that the girl of his dreams, Kanchan, would not even smile at him unless he did something impressive so he persuaded his aunt (a woman charitably disposed in striking contrast to her husband) to declare a donation of twenty-one thousand rupees to the hospital, a declaration that promptly brought Sheth Mohanlal out of his sick-bed and evoked a loving smile from Kanchan. . Mohanlals intention inpretending to be a dying man was that he owed large sums to three seths of Banaras, who would be ready, under the circumstances, so settle their claims at 25%. As they were signing the receipts of settlement the Doctor arrived to invite Seth Mohanlal to lay the foundation stone of the new win supposed to be donated by Seth Mohanlal. Mohanlals rude refusal to give charity to the hospital caused the Doctor to have a heart-attack. Whe the Banaras Seths, wishing to verify the truth about Mohanlals cardiogram, to be shown to a city specialist. Kailash gave them Dr. Sohanlals cardiogram instead. The Banaras Seths on showing the cardiogram to a heart speacialist learnt that the patients condition was serious. Kanchan was happy to learn that her father had no heart trouble to cause any anxiety. . As Mohanlal entered the waters of the Ganges to expiate his sins he was washed away by the current. All attemtps by Kailash to rescue him failed. The relatives of Seth Mohanlal brought a charge of murder on Kailash. . The game that Kailash started for the benefit of the sufferings poor, turned against him. Heavens justice must prevail.

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