(Certified: Jul 27, 1953)
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Naive and simple, poor but honest Panditji lost the case against Fateh Chand, the rogue landlord, who was incidentally his rich relative. Panditji and his wife, therefore, determined to make Lat, their only son, a real judge in life by providing him necessary education. So Lat took the shape of the only hope of their future. But soon Lat's poor mother passed away without witnessing any of her dreams materialised. The poor father was left alone to toils and Lat's playmate, the sweet little Piddi was there to take care of the household affairs. In order to avoid the dirty attempts made by Fateh Chand on Lat's life Panditji sent Lat to the city, where he was supposed to get on with his further studies in all comforts. The city life charmed and changed the simple country lad and ultimately he fell a victim to the glamour of Pushpa and the designs of her step mother. Once, when Lat paid a visit to his father Panditji proposed him to accept Piddi as his life companion. The son was furiously exasperated. He did not approve of it and made a great fun out of it. He left the home town at the earliest and also took him with him the glittering but false ornaments of his late mother which, he thought, were made of real gold. And the father paid for the sins of his son, Lat married Pushpa. But as it was destined tohappen, the ornaments put him in a false position. Pushpa tried to be intelligent and wrote to Panditji for help, who was penniless being a helpless victim of circumstances. However, the amount was arranged, but at a great price paid by Piddi. In the meanwhile, Lat fell an easy prey to a gangster who dealt in fake drugs. He gave Lat all comforts of life, and in return asked for his conscience. When Panditji reached with his humble offering, he was stunned to find his son totally changed. A dealer in fake drugs, husband of a cheap woman, and an ungrateful son who had absolutely forgotten his parents and his past. The insult added to the injury by Lat's accomplices was intolerable. He left his sons place with a heavy heart and reached his village completely shattered.

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