Lahu Ki Awaz

(Certified: Aug 14, 1989)
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Durga Prasad Chowdhary was an honest owner of a "Dabba". One day when he was going to the police station to give against Jeevan Dass, who is smuggler and evilman, he was murdered by Jeevan Dass but Chowdharys friend Khan Bahadur was involved by Jeevan Dass in the murder case and Khan was put behind the bars for 14 years. . Time passes and Raja son of Chodhary, becomes a young man possessing the virtues of his late father. He loves and adores his two younger sisters Chandra and Snehya who were studying in a a college, where Seema is their classmate and she and Raja love each other. . One day a conflict takes place between Jeevan Dasss henchmen and Raja who fights for the cause of poor slum dwellers who are being evicted by Jeevan Dass. Seema is picked up from the Bust stop by Jeevan Dass hechmen and Raja fights with them an saves Seemas honour. Ravi, son of Jeevan Dass (who is now known as J.D.) is also studying in the same college. . . To avenge against Raja, Ravi pretends his love to Rajas sister and the innocent girl falls to his charms. . The poor girl is totally involved in his love and becomes the prey of his lust and so she becomes pregnant. When Raja comes to know of it and the name of the man he rushes to J.D. and insist that Ravi should marry her otherwise..Being Diplomat politician, and candidate of the coming election, he accepts and marriage takes place..and then Ravi and J.D. treat her shabbily and badly. . J.D. won the election. Raja innocently had also helped his election as his sister is now the daughter-in-law of the home. J.D. throws a party, Raja comes to offer his greetins. On reaching there, he is shocked to see his sister cleaning a fan when everyone else is enjoying the party. He becomes furious and there is a clash between J.D. and Raja...His sister refuses to accompany him. To take revenge of this insult, Ravi puts poison in the food in his dabba which Raja used to give to poors. People began to vomit and Raja is put behind bars for 6months, where he meets Khan Bahadur and comes to know about his fathers murderer, who is J.D. meanwhile, when Snehya comes to know that her husband Ravi is responsible for putting the poison in the food and they are planning to kill her brother in the prison, she screems and fights. . Ravi kicks her and is badly injured, her sister who has come to see her is shocked to see her condition...Snehya tells everything to her sister, who runs away, meanwhile Snehya is murdered and her sister Chandra is caught by J.D.s goondas and Ravi tortures her and she also dies. When Raja comes out of the prison he is shocked to learn about his sisters sad death and now J.D. is his target. Meanwhile Khan also comes out of the jail.

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