(Released: Aug 14, 2015)

BROTHERS starts off with the release of Gary (Jackie Shroff) from a jail after having served imprisonment for (accidentally) killing his wife Maria (Shefali Shah). Upon his release from the jail, he is received by his son Monty (Sidharth Malhotra). When Gary asks Monty about his elder son David (Akshay Kumar), the story goes into a flashback mode which reflects the past life of Gary and all the reasons and incident that led him to be jailed. Realizing his mistake, when Gary goes to David to ask for forgiveness for all his misdoings, David refuses to forgive him. David's life now only revolves around his rock-solid wife Jenny (Jacqueline Fernandez) and his 6 year old daughter Maria, who is suffering from a serious kidney ailment. It is for the treatment of Maria that David doubles up as a Physics professor as well as a street fighter (read 'underground fighter'). However, fearing the impression that he will leave on his students, the school authorities debar him from his job. This makes David furthermore helpless and street fighting becomes his only hope of survival. Around the same time, enters Peter Breganza (Kiran Kumar) who is all set to give the street fighting a much needed facelift in the form of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) by organizing the world renowned 'R2F' tournament (Right To Fight) in India, which boasts of a prize money that amounts to a whopping Rs. 9 crores to the ultimate winner. Monty, who is already a street fighter, gets attracted to this contest while Paasha (Ashutosh Rana) signs up David as his fighter for the tournament. Monty receives all the possible (rigorous) training under his ex-fighter father Gary, on the other hand, knowing this is a lifetime opportunity David grabs it with both the hands. With no trainer guiding him, David starts his set of hardcore training for the deadly combat. The tournament begins and David and Monty beat their powerful opponents one after the other. After having defeated all the opponents, there comes a time when the final battle is between David and Monty and the one who 'cripples' the other will become the ultimate winner. Do David and Monty forgo their brotherhood on the battle field for the sake of money, what is the real reason for David to hate Monty so much and does David become successful in collecting enough money for his daughter's treatment is what forms the rest of the film.