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Moser Baer
Aakash Video
Aakash Video

SHAMA, an orphan girl, is brought up by Begum and Nawab Badrudin, along with their only son Parvez. Shama silently adores and loves Parvez. He is a poet. His pen-name is "Parwana". Shama also is fond of writing poems. Roshan-ara, daughter of another rich family, is a fan of Parwana and likes his poetry. One night Roshan-ara goes to "Mushaira", where Parwana is partaking. At the end of the function, along with the other girls, Roshan request Parwana for his autograph, and offers her autograph book outside the "purdah" chicks while she herself is behind them. Parwana sees her beautiful hand and feels as if that hand has touched his hearts strings. He writes a befitting verse in Roshans autograph book. She enjoys the verse, but remarks that she can never trust poets. Pawana over-hearts these remarks. Back home, Parwana relates the above incident to Shama in such manner, that she gets the joyful impression of Parwana's love for herself. With the help of his friend Hud Hud Mian, Parwana is able to find out, as to whom that beautiful hand belongs. One day Shama comes to know of Parwana's love for Roshan. Some-how she manages to supress her own feelings and offers to meet Roshan with Parwana's poem which is full of praises about Roshan's beauty and charm. Hearing this gazal in Shama's emotional voice, Roshan is convinced of Parwanas love. She heaves a sigh and tells Shama that she wished to reply Parwan Sahibs love also in poetry, but alas! She is not a poet! Shama promises to fulfill Roshan's wish. While Shama was reciting, Dilawar, Roshan's brother, sees her stealithy and falls in love with her. On Roshan's behalf, Shama herself writes a poem. Hearing it, Parwana is all praises about Roshan's poetic talents. Poor Shama! She suffer silently. Parwana and Roshan are happily married. Roshan is thankful to Shama, but wonders why Shama is always sad? Surely she is in love! But with whom? She repeatedly asks, but Shama keeps silent. Dilawar approaches Nawab Badrudin with a complaint that there is an undesirable relation between Shama and Parwana, and offers to marry Shama for his sisters happiness. Nawab Sahib has to give his consent. Parwana breaks this news to Roshan. She tells her husband that Shama can never be happy on this marriage and requests Parwana to ask his father to reject Dilawar's proposal. Shama is also not ready for this marriage and when Parwana comes to take her side, Nawab Sahib is convinced of Dilawar's statement. Shama is badly humiliated. Parwana loses his tempter and badily makes Dilawar get out. Dilawar swears revenge. Shama takes poison to end her miserable life. Dilawar goes to Gohar Jans and sends ruffians to bring Shama to the dancing girls place. A sensational climax begins!

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