Aaj Ki Taaqat

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Aaj Ki Taaqat is a story of two very strong young men, Gautam and Shiva, who are forced by circumstances to turn to a life of crime. Gautam is in love with the daughter of a very rich man who is also the Don of the underworld. Gautam's sister and brother-in-law are killed by the Don when he comes to know about Gautam's relationship with his daughter. After the murders, Gautam kills all the murderes and after being aquitted due to lack of evidence, he becomes one of the main Dadas of the area. Meanwhile, Shiva, a powerful young man, is unable to tolerate the behaviour meted out by his father towards his mother. His father is a good for nothing fellow, who not only harassed his mother, but also used to take away all her earnings and used to beat her for no rhyme or reason. On one of such occasions his father accidently kills his mother which Shiva is not able to tolerate and he hits his father resulting in his death. In the court it is proved that his fathers death was not a murder but was accident and he is acquitted. After being acquitted by the court Shiva tries to get a job so that he can lead a peaceful life, but he is not given any job because of his having been involved in his father's death. Shiva is approached by Taneja, one of the leaders of the underworld, asking him to work for him to and since there is no choice, Shiva agrees. Since Gautam is the person who has dislodged Taneja's group from the area, Taneja asks Shiva to get rid of Gautam. When the two clash they find that both of them are equally powerful and they decide to join hands because, when individually they are so powerful then when they joins hands they will be invincible. Gautam and shiva loots gold consignment of Don and use the wealth so accumulated for solving the problems being faced by the poor people. Gautam falls for Priya and Geeta and Shiva fall in love with each other. Now they have to face Don.

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