Dushman Zamana

(Released: Oct 2, 1992)
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Seema is the only daughter of Mr. Narang. She is very beautiful female and the only happines of her father. Mr. Narang loves his daughter very much. . Seema falls in love with Vijay who is a orphan. Vijay is a handsome young man who though poor has his own self respect. Seema and Vijay are students of the Engineering College. . When Narang comes to know about Seema and Vijays love, he calls Vijay and insults him on his poverty. But Vijay is sure about his love. To meet the challenge he works day and night and invents a motor engine which consumes less pertrol. Thus Vijay becomes rich and famous. He then decides to meet Mr. Narang according to their decision. He leave to meet Mr. Narang. . But on the way he meet Sanga who has murdered a police man, but the blame comes on Vijya. When Vijay goes with Seema to the police commissioner to prove his innocence another police man is being killed by Sanaga. Now Vijay has no other way to prove his innocence, so he flees from the police custody. The police blame Vijay for both the murder and so they announce the award for Rs. 50,000 to the person he could demand ten lakhs from him. . Here while escaping Vijay and Seema are trapped by Thapa. Sanga knowing all this fixes a deal with Thapa for killing Vijay and returning Seema back to her father so that he could demand ten lakhs from him. . Narang comes with the cash to free his daughter and with him Mr. Kapur who is Vijays business partner and Vijay to be killed so that the entire business comes in his hands. But then Narang realises that Seemas life is Vijay and she loves him very much but it is very late by then. . Kapoor gives Sanga cash to kill Seema, Vijay and Narang and thus Sanga becomes Kapoors friend. Sanga challenges Vijay to fight with him and very much but it is very late by then. . Kapoor gives Sanga cash to kill Seema. Vijay and Narang and thus Sanga become Kapoors friend. Sanga challenges to fight with him and thus frees him for the fight. Vijay smashes Thapa, Sanga and Kapoor. . Narang agrees about hsi crime infront of the police that he had planned the killing to trap Vijay in it. He also says that Vijay is innocnent. The commissioner after listening to the entire story arrests Narang. Vijay and Seema meet each other. Real love win the war.

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